Why are you angry, librarian?

Okay, so preface: I am not angry all the time. I have road rage when people are inconsiderate or slow, but I can put aside my Hulk phases from time to time.

Lots of things make me angry. Namely, the current political climate wherein people do not admit that they could still learn, and do so from someone different from them. I am angry because of the resulting lack of empathy/understanding and the increase of polarity and self-isolation.

Things that make me angry in books/the library: linear characters, women who “find” themselves solely to find a man, bad narrators for audiobooks, people who are inconsiderate or rude, and when people think that there are “boy” and “girl” books. People who believe everything “it” says on the internet. People who don’t read AT ALL. I mean come on, magazines are like 20 pages. Flip through and learn something about something!

2017 has seen an uptick in anger in general, and not just with me. Mine can be overwhelming and turn to despair at the state of our nation or personal problems. However, I am trying to channel it into productive causes, using it as fuel for progress rather than fuel for destruction.

Sometimes reading helps me through these angers. Sometimes, as in the self-isolation arena, it actually deepens it [as in, this author GETS IT! Why doesn’t EVERYONE?!?!]. However, there are many, many things that bring me joy, in books and out:

  • stickers
  • connection to others
  • talking about a book with someone else who has read it
  • sharing a book with someone else who has not read it
  • my kitten
  • being outside
  • delicious gluten-free food
  • writing letters
  • female friendship
  • groups of good friends in general
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • men and women being just friends
  • babies
  • buying presents for babies
  • clothes shopping
  • shoes
  • feminism
  • recycling
  • my family (most of the time, but dovetails with the anger section sometimes)
  • Stephen Colbert and any program he appears on
  • John Oliver, ditto
  • Trevor Noah, ditto
  • tea
  • meditation

So, I will write about all of these things. (Or, maybe not so much about tea? Because, though delicious, that sounds like it could possibly be boring. No offense meant to the many authors who have written about it.) The good, the bad and the ugly.

Another preface: though I hold a degree in Library Sciences, I am not a “full” librarian. I am a library associate in two different places: one, a public library; and two, a university. They are very different from one another and maybe you’ll find out how. But, I decided to call myself a librarian because it just has a better ring to it.

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading!