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For the fans

BRAND SHIFT ALERT: I’m starting a new blog called Flipping Pages Like Mad, aka my instagram handle. Since I no longer work at a library, the blog title The Angry Librarian has been a bit of a block from writing. That, and I don’t have those sweet, sweet stories of members of the public being obnoxious or precious.

I started this blog in 2017 when I was full of rage at the political landscape. I was indeed an angry librar(y associate). Flipping pages like mad is fun because it references how much I read but also contains the fun word mad–in 2020, my anger at the state of the world led to actual madness (obviously, there were other factors, such as the complete mindfuck that was the isolation and fear of living during a global pandemic).

Essentially, I always talked about mental health, books, and public life, and I’m going to keep doing that. Those of you who follow this blog will still be able to view the posts, but will need to visit the new one and follow that to keep getting email alerts when I post!

At any rate, happy reading, and happy spring.

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